Make a lasting impact.
Create a visceral reaction.
You start the conversation,
we drive it home.

Postvid helps companies create powerful narratives around their brands and products, and massively enhances the impact and ROI of their marketing campaigns. Our technology dramatically increases your target markets reach and conversion. Fast. Let us show you how!

Our Products

The Possibilities

upload up to 1 hour of video

re-upload videos at home

choose from different screensizes

rechargable battery

We received a great amount of positive and enthusiastic responses to presenting our programming in a Postvid.

- Omroep MAX

The response we received from Postvid was nothing like we ever seen before, our customers loved it and contacted us the next day!

- EU1


  • Omroep MAX
  • BKN Productions
  • De Smet
  • EU1
  • Isala
  • MadeForWeb
  • Thabasco
  • Underground
  • Printwood
  • Colorworks